Already 4 years. Appsfire was created 4 years ago! Can you believe it?┬áTime really flies quickly…

We could not let that pass without celebrating it with you, so we are happy to announce an awesome contest to win a $50 iTunes voucher!

How to participate?

1. Take a screenshot of home screen of your iPhone (or iPad)*

20131202-take-a-screenshot-v2 2. Share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AppsfireBirthday


3. Follow Appsfire on Instagram & Twitter

Nota bene: we would be very happy if we can see Appsfire among your apps :)

A winner will be selected among the people who tweeted or shared on Instagram the hashtag. The voucher will be in […]Read more


In theory the new iTunes 11 should not have a major impact for mobile app developers. Why? because the vast majority of downloads are not made from the computer but from the mobile. Right in the App store App. But developers can’t ignore the changes that just took place in iTunes 11. Why? because iTunes on the computer is still generating massive traffic and a lot of the discovery is made on the computer (take for example the impact of blogs when you launch a new app on Rankings). It is also still used massively by mobile app developers and other professionals as they work.

So how good are those changes for Mobile app developers?

Well at first iTunes 11 seems cleaner in the design, but the key structure of the app store is not […]Read more


As we promised last month, we will compile a monthly App Score Report, and this is the July edition.

So what are the main movements for July?

TOP 25 Ever – iPhone – Game Move the Box, Paper Toss, Logos Quiz Game & 2 other apps left the TOP 25 Free apps. Angry Birds Games fulfills the Top 25: Angry Birds Lite (#5), Angry Birds Free (#6), Angry Birds Rio Free (#15), […]Read more