update: you can track all the crappy mobile ads here, if you are interested (and many seem interested)

How many years will it take until we see the banner die as we know it on our mobile screens?

The lack of real discovery efficiency (yes, the App stores are far from doing enough…) has forced developers to look after efficient [and sometimes too efficient but not legit] Paid discovery solutions

But over half a decade after the iPhone, amazing hardware and software innovations the mobile ad world is still stuck in the past with the good old banner and advertising technologies. 

What’s wrong with banners?

Mobile ads are UGLY

Banners are ugly. They eat the chunk of real estate of the app, They offer […]Read more


It is a pleasure to introduce the latest version of Appsfire Deals, and even if we say so ourselves, it was well worth the wait.

One of our major objectives at Appsfire is to enable users to make a quick, and well informed decision on what apps to download.

We have been doing this right from the start, we did it with the stream of personalised categories that allow users access to up-to-date information about deals on each and every one of the categories they are really interested in. Then we did it again with our very own App Score, an app rating system that clearly indicates the quality of each app, and we are doing it now with the Timeline.

But what on earth is […]Read more