Trust me Google Search

Everyone is suddenly jumping into the Native advertising bandwagon. And that’s the only right direction. Banners are dead, they just don’t know it yet: no one pays attention anymore, click throughs are ridiculous, fraud rate are crazy high, users (and advertisers) are just ignoring them. 

So what’s the solution on mobile? Integrating ads in the content and the experience. Google started years ago, before mobile came up. Facebook came up next, although their latest ad network, FAN is kind of native-ish since most of it are just, banners….Twitter has joined, Yahoo, AOL, Pinterest…the train is packed.

But is that necessarily a recipe for success? Well, it depends how you look at it and how you implement it. 

We believe the first currency of native advertising is user […]Read more


The news is out that Tinder may want to monetize with native ads. Why not? It’s a massively successful dating service. Free. The attention is very captive and the simple native swipe gestures would make a perfect fit for natively integrated ads.


We did a little exercise of working on Tinder UI and figured out a nice way to introduce ads, in a none intrusive way using our custom sashimi technology, an easy way to design a perfect, crisp in stream ad experience for any app

Here it is. Better than a *banner*. No?

PS: And that’s certainly something Tinder would want to consider seriously since some dark knights are trying to […]Read more


Google has just pushed an important new update to their terms of services with a big focus on what is not allowed in terms of advertising and app promotion. This is going to have a big impact on the industry.

Google Play

We wanted to dig a little deeper and try to understand what this means for mobile native advertising (if you don’t know this growing trend, here is a possible definition). When everyone is taking a step at creating a more integrated ad experience, it is important to really bear those aspects in mind. Here is what we understood.

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update march 31st: this was, a bit ahead of the date, a untasty flappy april’s fool. The funny part is that many truly thought we were going to do it. We even hesitated after a while… The only part that we truly wanted:  to kill the damn banner in the picture below.

We could not ignore the Flappy bird phenomenon craze. We had to find a way to leverage all those millions of eyeballs wasted on crappy banners day after day.


Because we believe advertising should be truly integrated in the experience of an app, we decided to invent a new generation of native ad format specifically for this type of apps (several […]Read more