If you are a developer using Ansca Mobile’s Corona SDK, or if you’re thinking about it, we’ve got great news for you! Starting today, Ansca mobile developers will receive discounted rates when promoting their apps with Appsfire.

Ansca’s Corona SDK mobile toolkit empowers developers of all backgrounds to create games and applications for iOS and Android. In 2011, apps created with Corona SDK were downloaded over 35 million times across iOS devices, Android devices, and the Amazon Kindle Fire and NOOK Color.

Appsfire mobile apps provide intelligent recommendations based on users’ preferences, geolocation, social graph, and more, along with personalized recommendations based on the apps the user already owns. Millions of […]Read more


If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 in Israel with Cellcom (#2 largest cellphone operator) this is the first thing that you see when you open your device. Yes Appsfire is the default app discovery, pre installed on it.

This app not only allows you to browse the android market but also the Cellcom store, into a single interface.

Our apps are designed for consumers but thought also to be distributed for operators.



Hi, we are re-blogging a very nice blogpost from Applingua, thank you for recommending us ;-)

The biggest challenge developers face is getting their app noticed. With an ever increasing number entering the App Store every day, it’s no longer as simple as being the first to market. Some time ago, Applingua was lucky enough to translate Appsfire, an app discovery and mobile advertising platform for iOS. Working together, it suddenly occurred to us what a good fit our two services are and how Appsfire could help our own clients sell more apps internationally.

How Appsfire works?

Appsfire has two hugely popular iOS apps (the flagship Appsfire app and App Deals) that help individuals discover new apps without having to trawl the cumbersome iTunes App Store. Users can […]Read more