Remember: the leaderboard position does not mean much. What’s critical is the context: how did an app get to the top ranks? 

Techcrunch and TheNextWeb were quick in spotting that Facebook Poke, the Snapchat clone, got to #1 in the USA. To be accurate, Facebook Poke got to actually #1 in nearly every many countries but not all of them. European and asian countries, but still with a high Rank. And Snapchat beats Facebook Poke in terms of Quality perception in our App score (87 vs 86)


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You probably saw this type of tweet, or self congratulation message in your timeline or mentioned around you. “we’re number 1 free app in the App store!”

Twitter dkomobile congrats to Zynga publishing

Good for you developers, if this has ever happened to you. Except there is absolutely nothing to really be proud of.

Hitting a top 10 rank is something that can easily be gamed or purchased – and it can’t be considered as a performance in itself.

What matters is the context of your rank and its consistency

Some developers have such a strong footprint in the app store that no matter what they launch, their app will reach a high rank instantly: that would typically be the case for any new app launched by mega developers like […]Read more