For some reason, many developers and bloggers still want to believe the world of Apps will behave the same way the world of websites has behaved: moving from a directory to a super miraculous way of discovering better apps through a wonderful, yet to be built new search engine.

But that is not going to happen. No matter how much we want to believe it.

App discovery is a totally different beast: search is only a tiny chunk of discovery. How do we know? Well we not only looked at our own data (about 20/30% of users only search) but also compared with some third party discovery destination who all have a search engine. We also asked successful developers if what generated most download volumes for them was based on search and the answer is clearly no

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The Short Version

Appsfire is introducing today a powerful and innovative signal to assess whether an app is worth downloading. App Score is a dynamic score which processes dozens of parameters several times a day across all the apps in the iOS App Store. The App Score for a particular app goes beyond the current ratings, rankings and reviews for that app; it also analyzes the rating and ranking performance over time, incorporates additional metadata and reviews for that app across the web, identifies apps engaging in suspicious rating/review behavior in the App Store, and synthesizes the publisher’s record across all of his or her apps.

The Long Version

The biggest pain point affecting mobile app consumers is discovery. To be more precise, it’s a pain to find GOOD apps. Billions of apps get downloaded, but […]Read more


Wouldn’t it be great if Siri could search for apps?

Isn’t it great that Siri can now search for apps?

Thanks to Appsfire, you can search the App Store through Siri and get your app results delivered by email and push. Check it out:

Here’s how you can use Siri to search for apps:

1. Create a new Address Book contact on your iPhone 4S or download this vCard:

Firstname : Ask Lastname : Appsfire Email :

2. Tell Siri : “Email Ask Appsfire”; then for the subject: “[Keywords for your Search]” (ignore body).


You’ll receive an awesome email, specially designed to fit your iphone with your search results within a minute…

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