Let us guess… You are currently optimising your apps for the newly launched iOS 8 and almost ready to submit?

We wanted to inform you our iOS SDK is now fully compatible with Apple’s latest OS and Xcode. We highly recommend all publishers who use the Appsfire SDK to take a moment to update before submitting their app.

Update to the latest Appsfire iOS SDK

This 2.4.1 update includes:

Compatibility with iOS 8 and Xcode 6 Optimisations for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

Learn more about our revamped Sushi and our latest features here.


Yesterday we introduced the brand new version of Appstatics with a great new feature: App Infographics. Appstatics is adding another string to its bow and it’s now even easier to track and share the performance of your app.



App Infographics

Appstatics is the simplest and most powerful tool to track the performance of your apps (or your competitors’) anywhere you are: You can check the App Store rankings, the App Score, user ratings, and what we call the App Timeline.

But what’s the point having a successful app if you can’t share all those figures?

We imagined a great new feature which will create automatically a gorgeous report of your app in real-time: App Infographics. In a beautiful and sleek infographic, you can now find a nice summary […]Read more


We are introducing a new update to Appsfire today with the App Pulse, a unique (and exquisite) source for the hottest and breaking news from the App Store as they happen.

Check out the left panel, a new tab called the App Pulse just appeared! Open it, and you will be the first to know about new apps from awesome developers, major new versions of your favorite apps, deals that nobody should miss, and lots more.

Apple launches a new app? Boom! get to know about it right away. Waze is about to get acquired by Google? Boom! be first to know about it Snapchat is launching a fix to its buggy version? Boom! get your fix [well, when they do it…]

Every time you see an orange little dot on the header, […]Read more