We’re excited to introduce two new streams in the Appsfire app: Hot Apps *in your language* and Now Free Apps *in your language*. Appsfire has a global reach, and we heard from many users who were looking to discover more localized apps.

How does it work? Our AppGenome™ indexes all the apps on the App Store, detects the language of the description, and voila! We show you cool apps in the language that’s set on your device..

Thanks to these new streams, non-English speakers can now browse and discover the best apps in their language.

Languages available :

  • Spanish – Español
  • French – Français
  • German – Deutsch
  • Hebrew – עברית
  • Italien – Italiano
  • Japanese – 日本
  • Dutch – Nederlands
Tip: Don’t forget that you can now “Personalize your streams” so you can preview apps you are interested in, whether in your language, English or Japanese!