Making great apps is so hard. We’re never sure we manage to do it right. But we strive to. And today, it is with great amazement that we discover what our effort has led to…
We try to stay humble and we iterate a lot, we incorporate user feedback, we look at stats, we iterate some more, and then move a few pixels, or shift an animation by 30 milliseconds. Then we work on web-services and compress or load balance some more, and shave another 30 milliseconds to save our users more time and bandwidth. Then we think about content and remove the “yoyo” apps (those that bring their prices up and down too frequently – yes, very annoying, but not trivial to do). Then we think user benefits. And code some more… and then submit the updated binary… drumrolls
This time, all the work is paying off tremendously. Feedback is unanimous.
App Deals 2.2 is the s***** – yes with 5 stars!
In fact, a large panel of voters decided that our app was “the best app ever“!
We actually think this version is “perfect” and our users apparently think so too. Of course, next version will be perfect-er; we have tons of great new features in the pipeline!
 Here is what some of our users are saying about the latest release v2.2:

Some may say our reviews are gamed, biased, etc… but the fact is that our reviews come directly from our users, genuine comments, from real users, daily users; yes, we feel entitled to brag about that a little!
Here’s another quote received directly by email via our CRM SDK system (which we launched yesterday, and that we use in our own apps):

Trivia, not so Trivial!

Did you know that there is a very small elite club of apps with a perfect 5 score and at least that many reviews? 160 apps in total, out of 550000+, that’s the 99.97% percentile. Appsfire App Deals is in that club.
Yes, you can tell, we’re very proud.

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Note: Watch this space! Appsfire 3.2.1 will be updated to the same polish as App Deals 2.2 in the coming weeks…

    Congrats ! Register early on ours ;-)