As you know Appsfire is shifting focus (not pivoting) to mobile ad technologies and services. We explained why.

We see massive potential in bringing major innovation to the mobile ad space, which clearly lacks for quality options and is craving  it, despite all the buzz and activity in that space. We recently introduced our first native ad unit,  SUSHI, which was just our own version of what the full screen ad should be and feel like. Our first quick shot.

Today we’re introducing something new. Something that has never been done before and that we believe is going to capture a lot of interest.


We called it URA MAKI – The inside out. Here it is in a short video.

Our approach to mobile ads is simple: To build outstanding, simple, elegant and native user experiences coupled with advanced ad serving technologies. Delicious and fresh – like sushi. We believe that by focusing more on the user experience and truly giving users and developers more control to what happens, the returns will be superior because they’ll be more accepted and more greatly appreciated.


The problem with most mobile ad formats today is that they force the app publisher to compromise on the integrity of the design and experience of their app — whether with a banner, a full screen ad, even a “native” in stream format. Somehow the app has to give pixels away for promotion purposes. The other issue is that the user does not have any chance to opt out of the ad. It is shown, forced on you, and then you can’t ignore it.

Let’s be clear. Mobile ads will always suck. But there should be a way to make them look better, feel better, and still perform well.



We wanted to shake those rules with URA MAKI , which brings you an experience not dissimilar with the task manager in iOS7, except it happens within the publisher app. It is an elegant way to capture the users attention  without disrupting  usage of the app, which conveniently keeps running in the background and somehow in the foreground since the main screen is merely reduced (in full retina glory!). 

Designed for users

  • The user has more control: The user is warned, and can skip the ad before it shows, and the ad can be dismissed by a swipe up, or just tapping the left side back to the app.
  • The message is adapted automatically to the device screen size and is localized in his language. No need for a dictionary to decode the ad.
  • Elegant and non intrusive animation, familiar to the user.
  • No wasted time: No more watching ads for apps your already own. This is our secret sauce.
  • User stays in the publisher app: Not pushed out of the app, no more getting lost post-download.
  • Coming soon: Don’t like this app? Appsfire recommendation engine will offer another one. Just swipe right to discover more.

Designed for publishers and developers

  • Zero UI compromise:  No need to change anything, add anything on your app. The ad units loads elegantly on side of the app, while the app is still running. Stop sticking ugly creatives on your beautiful apps.
  • 100% control: The developer decides and controls  when URA MAKI is triggered (loading screen, end of session, idle time…)
  • Zero disruption: As URA MAKI loads the app continues to run in the background. No disruption (e.g. video played, sound played, screen loading, game assets downloading, chat running)
  • 100% native: Native to the code (loads insanely fast), optimized for iOS7 (sorry iOS6), the device (iPhone/iPad), the device language.
  • Zero churn: The publisher keeps his users: The download experience takes place in the app.

Designed for advertisers

For the advertiser we bring all the Appsfire magic and ease of setup.

  1. Zero creative production: All the assets are pulled automatically and accurately and in real time from our App Genome. Retina HD creative. You change your screenshots or price or app name in the App store? Boom! Automatically updated in our ads.
  2. Zero localization: Automatically localized in 13 languages. No settings. No set up.
  3. Zero fraud: all our publishers are vetted, natural capping. No settings.
  4. Zero wasted inventory: We only show your ads if the app is not yet on the user’s device. No more paying for clicks worth nothing.
  5. Zero accidental clicks: Impossible to click there by mistake.

In short: Great looking promotions with no set up, or complex creative process or guidelines (like with, well, …you know who…)

Side note: it is really hard to explain how delightful is the experience from just watching at this video/pictures. hope you can experience it soon!


And the URA MAKI is not just about app installs. We offer a new real estate which can serve other purposes like in this example below, where videos can be served.


Our approach regarding advertising is that it is nothing less than an opportunity for a dialog between the developer and the user and it should be considered as such: we designed our promotional units for advertising purposes but that goes beyond ads. Developers will be able to use it for their own benefits too (house ads, cross promotion, re-engagement). We’ll make more announcements in that area too.

Key takeaway: Ads are also part of what users perceive from the app they are using, Developers should be able to leverage that for themselves and have more control on it.


If you hesitated to put ads in your app, then this is your opportunity to change your mind. The first reactions and results to tests are outstanding. If ads will always suck, well at least, let’s make them suck a little less. The developers who had the opportunity to play with it loved it.

You have invested thousands of hours to build a great app, don’t ruin it with crappy ads. You can still make some money and build a better advertising experience for your users.

The code is ready right now and is waiting for developers to play with it.

We’re hand picking developers who want to try it right now. So join the ride. Sushis are on us!

More on Techcrunch and TheNextWeb

PS: Sorry Android fans, that will come for you early 2014. Keep enjoying those banners!