You can be a very popular app but unappreciated. This has been the case for Facebook for many years, until recently .

This seem to be the case now for Twitter. The attention ported to Twitter to its mobile apps (iPhone and iPad) just does not cut it with users.

We ran a little study on the history of different versions: we compared the evolution of its app score (Appsfire’s own quality score) to its ranking in the App Store.

The conclusion is simple: the quality of the app keeps getting worse and worse. Although a late update yesterday has finally stopped the bleeding. You can see the evolution in the graph below.

The App score of Twitter went down to as low as “10” [meaning Cr-app-y in our own terms]

PastedGraphic 5 tiff

What was surprising is that Twitter was not ready for iOS6 the day it was shipped, although it seems pretty obvious Twitter should have known about iOS6 before most developers! And regardless, it seems very often buggy and crashy.

This is really insane, when you think about it. Twitter is fully integrated in iOS and should be a showcase app. Instead it is really unappreciated by so many users. Just read the reviews in and outside the app store to get a better idea.

Twitter can’t ignore this reality. And they can’t bet that people will prefer to use their mobile app instead of fixing this.

ITunes 2

Twitter has a serious mobile app problem, and its users obviously do not like it.




  • Kelly Burby

    Twitter needs to check out this mobile app problem immediately