We did it already with the iPhone analytics space. Today we are publishing the map of the App creation ecosystem


Creating an App is the first step in building an App (yes there is a serious difference between creating and building). We have put aside the endless number of app shops and agencies that work in that space and focused on the tools and framework available out there, from the most simple to the most sophisticated frameworks.

  • Templated apps: apps that can be customized according to pre defined templates
  • Crowdsourced app creation: throw an idea and the crowd will help you build it
  • App Sketchers: offline sketch templates
  • App Framework: global framework to build or port of your app from the web
  • cross platforms: create an app once for all mobile platforms
  • Publisher app: transform your publication into an app
  • Vertical: specific app formats for ecommerce and music eg

We believe the existence of semi self-served or self served apps, accompanied by an improved app certification process, will help getting the total number of apps to 300/500k by year end (1 of our predictions). There are some similarities with what happened with Websites and Blogs where self served platforms accelerated the population of the web maps.

The main challenge for Apple and users will then be to help users find their way in this Jungle. 

This is where Appsfire is jumping in.

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ps: disclosure OdiogoApps mentioned in the map created a vanity App for purpose of demonstration for one of Appsfire founders (
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    I appreciate you post..You included the best resources for the iphone Applications.

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    For templated Apps there is also