Today Appsfire is happy to (re)launch Appstatics, a native iOS app designed specifically for tracking the rank and progression of an app in the App Store.

We recently acquired Appstatics from MOS Teknoloji. We’ve been adding our flavor and intelligence to the app, and have committed to build the very best way to follow what’s happening once an app lands in the App store.

We’ve been looking for this solution for a long time. App Annie is a great service for the desktop but is nearly impossible to use on the mobile. A few similar apps do exist in the App Store, but none were satisfactory in terms of user experience and quality of data. We even considered building this app ourselves. Then we discovered Appstatics, a wonderful app that met our needs and would serve as a great foundation for what we wanted to do.

We liked Appstatics so much that we reached out to them, and although the app was actually already popular, we wanted to find out if we could take it to the next level. We contacted the team behind it and there was a match. They agreed to sell it and we agreed to acquire it.

Today we republishing Appstatics with some freshening up and a lot more to come very soon.


Why do you need Appstatics?

If you have an app in the App Store, you know that it’s difficult and sometimes even painful to follow its ranking on a frequent basis. Essentially, you have to open the App Store in iTunes or the iOS App Store app. But even if you do that, you have to check every single geographic store – one per country, which adds up to over 130 store – multiplied by three  for iPhone, iPad & Mac. Multiply this by the number of apps you have created…well, you get the idea.

Appstatics is particularly useful when you have special marketing activities which boosts your ranking (e.g., Apple features your app, you have a great post in a big publication, you run an ad campaign, you publish a new version with viral features).

Tracking the performance of an app in the App Store is difficult. We wanted a simple and elegant solution designed for the iPhone.


What does it do?

Simple: Search for an app (yours, your competition’s, or whatever your like) and in one click either bookmark it or check instantly the ranking of this app across all App Stores for iPhone, iPad and Mac in a single screen. You can also instantly see the progress made since the last update. That’s all.

There are other compelling features: The possibility to track the actual global Free and Paid rankings of any country as well as a special section highlighting what’s especially hot at that moment (biggest progress on a weekly or monthly basis).

It’s simple and fast.


Who needs it?

Obviously those who create apps and want to know how their app performs (mmm…anyone not interested?)

But many more users may find this app useful: bloggers or journalists who are covering a specific company or the app store at large, investors eager to track the performance of their portfolio companies, entrepreneurs willing to track their competition, or marketing or PR agencies acting on behalf of their customers

It’s obviously not designed for the “regular” iphone, ipad or mac users…and we do not anticipate it will ever be.


How does it fit Appsfire and app discovery?

Appsfire is all about bringing better tools to market an app. Information and intelligence is a critical element of that. That’s why we do so much work on quality ranking and interesting App Store insights.

Data is a critical tool. And we want to help developers get better App Store data. It fits our missions.


Hurry: Free for a week!

The app is priced $1.99, but to celebrate the (re)launch we’re putting it free for a week. So, go get it :)


What’s next?

We have a long road map of things we want to add that will make the app a lot better in the realm of data insights, design, speed and user experience.

First tell us what you think. We can only make it better if you like it enough to give us feedback.

Follow news about Appstatics on @appstatics on Twitter.

Find out more about Appstatics here:




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    tracking an app in app store has become easier with appstatics