We’re introducing Appsfire. Again.

For the past months, we’ve been building what we believe our very best app to date. Maybe the best app to discover new apps on your iPhone and iPad ever made (in the Milky Way Galaxy).

We’ve released a number of app discovery appss in our past. But we decided to simplify everything and focus on only one great app. And we jumped from Appsfire 2.5.2 to 4.0

This is a big jump, justified by the (long) set of innovations we’re bringing today.

This app is Appsfire.

It’s built on the existing Appsfire Deals app, but we have re engineered E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Here is a video preview:

Let us guess…You can’t wait to download it? ==> Get it here

It will feel both familiar and brand new. And fast.

Yes. You will notice how fast everything is, from browsing the streams of recommendations to our brand new search engine

There are well over 700,000 apps to browse (1 million ever created). So speed is the central feature of Appsfire.

We put a lot of effort on accuracy. Over the past years, millions of users have trusted Appsfire for its recommendations and this has been possible thanks to our unique user experience mixed with our ability to spot the very best apps.

Today Appsfire is a lot more than just a way to spot the very best deals (and avoid the fake ones). You can of course still do that. But discovery is a lot more than just finding what is cheap or free.

So…what’s NEW?

  • New name (Call me Appsfire. only), fresh bright design and brand new icon [the one above]
  • Better personalization with more accurate wizard
  • Breakthrough search engine: Predictive search based on app name, needs, categories and even developer names. Want Angry birds? type “AN”..AHAH Moment!
  • Selections of great apps based on price discount, must-see apps, and personal interests. Still also great for deals. Even better for finding the very best apps, even if not popular.
  • New filters to quickly switch between Free/Paid, iPhone/iPad, Game/Non Games apps
  • Put a face on those apps: Spot the apps from your friends (optional Facebook connect)
  • Create list of apps in a clicks: to share with your friends or download later
  • Chatter: View the reviews and comments of real people on Facebook and Twitter.
Appsfire is the best way to find your next favorite app.  If you still have a doubt take a look at the thousands of 5-star reviews in the app store.
First reviews are flowing. And it looks good so far!
update: Techcrunch, NextWeb and Robert Scoble seem to like it
Special note to our  dear Android users: Apologies. For now our Android version is not at the same level of quality that our iPhone/iPad version. We’re working on that now and hope to bring you a new version soon.