A few months ago, when we decided to shift our focus to become a fully fledged ad network with a differentiated native and proprietary approach, two questions were raised. Indeed our ad units were original and good looking and did not ruin the app experience but would they perform well? Would they be adopted by big names in the industry?

Well a few months later we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve managed to convince great names in the industry who are now part of our publisher mobile ad network. This is a great validation for us and a promising milestones for things to come.

Cutting to the chase, here is the list of our newest and most  notable partners: Opera Media Works (AdMarvel), Zeptolab (Cut the Rope), LaPlaceMedia* (which represents some of the biggest name in the media industry in France, see note below), Viadeo (a popular professional social network), Cheetah Mobile (one of the largest android developer in the world), Taringa (a popular social network in Latin America), Jogatina (a big brazil based app publisher), Natural Motion, TF1, Lagardere/NewsWeb. These top properties are joining our 200+ existing publishers/media partners we handle so far.


But because our industry is complex and often confusing (on purpose for some), let us be clear on how we interact with our media partners: Appsfire is not buying traffic from other networks. We run our SDK or Ad API within the apps of our publishers and control the inventory that runs there in order to optimize every single impression. As a matter of fact our ad engine (yes, algorithmic!) matches the right ads to the right users in order to make sure we waste no inventory. We even offer the possibility to have a 100% fill rate if the publisher wishes to obtain some free cross promotion.


This is one of the reasons we decided early on to go for the high way rather than low hanging fruits… direct handling of inventory to ensure better quality of service and experience for our publishers and their users, better return for our advertisers, and ultimately better return for us.

One more important precision: we do not run ads we have not sourced directly and with formats we have not full visibility on. This is a critical aspect to make our business more successful.

Welcome to our partners! Looking forward to improve, together, the app economy with better advertising and better monetization and return!

update: you can read more about the announcement on TechCrunch, RudeBaguette and MobyAffiliates and PocketGamer


* Note: La Place Media markets the digital audience of its five shareholders: Amaury Médias, Figaro Medias, Lagardère Publicité, France Télévisions Publicité and TF1 Publicité exclusively and in real time. (The collective also includes the following partner sites and publishers: Marie Claire, 20minutes, Boursorama, La Dépêche du midi, Metro News, Doctissimo, Sud-Ouest, La Voix, Uni-Editions, TMC-NT1, Nouvelle République, Centre  France, Publihebdos, Eurosport, Euronews, Mondadori, Nice Matin, La Provence, Le Télégramme, Boursier et Reworld Media)

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