Check the app store right now. You’re looking at the top charts. But are you looking at the very best apps?

Well…maybe or maybe not.

A few weeks ago we introduced the App score. the quality rank for apps (think rotten tomatoes or metacritic for apps) and we learned high rank does not mean necessarily that the app is worth your attention. Want a live example?  Pyramic Run is right now the #1 free app in the app store in the US. Check out the reviews from the users….not good.

Basically looking at the app store charts is only providing you one static angle. Remember they are 123 stores across the globe and that for each one rankings are updating every hour or less. So whatever you’re looking right now will be different a week from now. It is really hard to have a sense of what’s good over time in the App store. The only moment Apple sheds some light on the matter is when they publish the top download apps of the year. Is that enough?

We decided to compile a monthly report (This is the very first edition) that will highlight those apps that are consistently well rated according to our App score showcasing the trends according to several parameters. You can read the report below

  • We published first a “Best app ever” rank  – most of the apps there will not surprise you. They are well known hit, for whoever tracks the app store activity (although you may be surprised to find there iHandy Level Free which is no longer in the top 200 free app according to the app store)
  • Top rank lists are organized by device type (iphone, ipad) and by app category, Games vs non Games. It would be unfair to compare Games with the rest of the App store apps. Because Games deserver their own store.
  • Each list separates the best Free and Paid app and reveals the App score for each app (and the Delta compared to the previous month)

So what does this report tell?

  • Well in June Google And Disney did not bad at all. Google with Chrome (but not with Drive) really hit something.
  • Disney is owning a big chunk of the top 5
  • Picture apps are the darling of the Paid app category
  • Spiderman Franchise worked also well in the App Store
  • Flow Free is the greatest Free game for june 2012 (And it is nice indeed – although ousted of iTunes top 10 chart in July)

Is your (Favorite) app in this report?


PS: read more about this report on GigaOM

  • Matt Davis

    Haha I can NOT stop playing Pyramid Run! I’m glad it was
    free like my other favorite app Dish Remote Access.  I have Dish, and with
    my Sling Adapter and this app I can take all my live TV anywhere I go.  It
    works on iOS and Android, and is great to have on car rides etc.  I can
    turn on my Tablet and watch as if I were home, and love that it even lets me
    control and enjoy my DVR when I’m not at home.  Free apps are the best!