Many of our users have noticed that Appsfire Explore, our social discovery app, is no longer available for download in the App Store.

We have indeed removed it from the store but this does not mean we “killed” it – it’s actually quite the opposite. We re still committed to bring the best discovery experience to mobile apps and social discovery is an important driver to help users find the right apps.


What’s really happening is that we are rebuilding Appsfire. The end result will be a rich, beautiful app with an elegant and fun discovery experience that will bring together all the juices out of the previous version.

We’re actually going to merge Appsfire Deals, which is still available for download, and Appsfire Explore in a new beautiful simple and gorgeous app. If you still want to enjoy the social experience you can use our website, But the future is mobile…and that’s where we’ll be.

The reality is that Appsfire has grown significantly lately and we have to allocate better our ressources and time: we want our users to own only one app. It is simpler to manage for us as a company and easier for our users to understand what we exactly do.

We wish we could show you the app today…but we won’t because it is still in the works…but here is a little preview



Now all you have to do is wait :)

  • iTarek

    I guess I know the real reason, Apple told you to do that because they will not accept apps that recommend apps anymore unless it has other functions! AM I right?

    • OurielOhayon

      iTarek, Appsfire 4.0 [internal code “columbus”] has been in the works for many months. Our work is based on our vision of what the best discovery experience for apps should be, this is why we started from day 1 with social and extended to many other mechanisms…it is a matter of weeks before this is being released…

      We re focusing our efforts in one single app.