Most popular keywords in iOS App Titles

We all know there are 650 000 apps live in the app store (actually more than that)

We all know which apps are the most popular in terms of downloads. Just open iTunes’ App store and find out.

We all know which apps are the best ones. Find out in Appsfire’s App score report

But do you know which words are the most popular in terms of App Titles?

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We were curious to discover which words developers are choosing for their apps titles. The title of an app is a key element in its marketing. Something which can grab the attention of the consumer is going to drive most traffic and lead to increased downloads.

It is after the App icon (sometimes before) the very first point of contact a user has with an app and one of the key elements that will be considered before the download.

So we went ahead and began our search. Just for the fun of it.

Most popular keywords in iOS App Titles

As the title of an app is usually the most important ranking factor for the App Store’s search engine, we expected to find words that would easily and clearly identify the categories that the app would fall into. We also expected to find many apps with titles which would relate closely to current high search terms.

Do you think you could guess any of the current top 25 words used in app titles?

Well, we’ll keep you guessing no longer. Here is the full list…and note that there is no significant difference between free and paid apps.

(The number on the right of each word signifies the number of times each word is registered in titles.)

1. HD – 27777
2. Lite – 21690
3. Free – 18511
4. iPad – 11313
5. Pro – 9024
6. Guide – 8361
7. Mobile – 7695
8. App – 6142
9. iPhone – 5441
10. Game – 5377
11. Travel – 4851
12. Radio – 4633
13. World – 4504
14. Map – 4351
15. Dictionary – 4220
16. Edition – 4198
17. Calculator – 4164
18. Kids – 3852
19. English – 3680
20. News – 3611
21. Book – 3254
22. Magazine – 3009
23. Photo – 2957
24. Puzzle – 2835
25. Music – 2764

From this list of words, there are a few interesting points that caught our attention:

1) App developers continue to include the word “Free” in the app title, despite the fact that it’s easily ascertained by an app price. It is a catchy word and one that easily drives conversion “to the next step” (ie: checking more information or downloading the app)

2) Fun fact: there are hundreds of apps saying in their title that they are free while they are actually paid.Example:

3) “iPad” & “iPhone” are very often used: developers probably wish to catch the attention by giving the feeling the app is made specifically for those mobile devices. It may also indicate that developers still prefer to build device specific apps vs universal (only 23% of total live apps are universal apps, meaning approximately 152k apps)

4) the high popularity of “Lite/Free” on one side and “Pro” on the other side shows that developers still favor the model of two different apps, meaning one free/lite version and another as a premium, rather than using in-app purchases. That is backed by the fact that implementing in-app purchases is not trivial and only 5% (~33k apps) of iOS apps are in-app purchase enabled..

5) There is not much difference between free and paid apps in the choice of popular words (Free comes back obviously a less often)

6) HD is a catchy marketing term: no wonder it is highly ranked. But it is surprising “Free” is less popular than “HD”.

PS: read more about this study in TechCrunch


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